We are proud to say that Madison Area Pagan Pride Day is one of the longest running Pagan Pride events in the country. First and foremost the current PPD planning committee would like to acknowledge and thank all of the former committee members who have worked hard over the years to help keep this event going for our community. All of the people who work to create this event for the community do so on a volunteer basis and we have so much gratitude for a community filled with people willing to donate their time and energy.

The Madison area is such a unique and diverse community filled with people from many walks of life. Our local community has always been welcoming and supportive of our event and this gives us hope that we can continue to reach out to our non-Pagan community with friendship, respect, and tolerance.

The Madison Area PPD event has several goals. First, we want to reach out to our local non-Pagan community and offer them some information and education about who we are. We want to show our community that we are people just like anyone else. We want to use our event to break down the barriers that grow from stereotypes and stigmatization. Second, we want to offer our local community a chance to teach and learn together. Our rituals and workshops give local teachers a chance to share their knowledge and experience and our local learners a chance to gain knowledge and meet some friends and mentors. Third, we want to collect donations for local charities. One of the greatest ways for a community to bond and to show the world what we’re made of is to come together for the purpose of helping those in need. Each year we raise money and food donations for local charities and the PPD committee is deeply proud and humbled by the incredible generosity shown by our local Pagans each year.

Every year the committee faces trials and challenges. It isn’t always easy to put on a large event while working with so many different groups and individuals. But each year at our Pagan Pride Day event we see our vendors, our artists, our teachers, our old friends, our new friends, and our brave newcomers and every moment of work we’ve done is completely worth it. Pagan Pride can mean many things to many people, but to us it means seeing you. You, our community, are our Pagan Pride.